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Types of Collections

At Rapid Response, the 3 primary types of drug collections are: urine, hair, and saliva. With alcohol, we use an electronic breath alcohol device. All methods we use are fast and effective.

Urine Testing

The donor provides identification and a urine specimen in a cup which is sealed by one of our certified collectors. The donor and collector will then fill out appropriate paperwork, and the collector will send the specimen to the lab via a secure courier service.


Hair Testing

The donor provides approximately 120 strands of hair taken by the collector, then fills out similar paperwork to the urine test, and is likewise sent to the lab. If head hair is not available, the collector can take body hair from the beard, arms, legs, armpits, or chest.


Saliva Testing

The donor will be handed a swab to collect saliva from their cheeks. It is then sealed by the collector, paperwork is filled out, and the specimen sent to the lab in the same manner as a urine or hair test.

Breath Alcohol Testing

All of our alcohol tests are preformed via breath alcohol using an Evidential Breath Testing device (EBT for short) by one of our certified Breath Alcohol Technicians. These tests provide instant and accurate results, and therefore do not have to be sent off for analysis.